Shrine of Origins

published dec 2020

Humans store and humans collect. Our possessions reaffirm who we are, where we come from, go to and what we value. If you would place some of these things in a shrine, what would that look like?


Because, think about it: every single one of us has objects that deserve a place of honor and worship in our lives and in our homes. While you might aesthetically feel that your great-grandmother’s vase clashes with your Hello Kitty collection, this session is in fact seeking to connect those things that you would normally not bring together. This session will set you on your way to look back to the people and memories that brought you where you are today, and place them together in your own, personal shrine; taking them with you towards the future.


During this Therapy Session everyone was invited to trace their origins: their background and roots; your core values and key figures. Teamed up with State of Fashion and Fresco Sam-Sin (ThingsThatTalk) I was asked to host this small workshop.

Mensen bewaren en mensen verzamelen. Onze bezittingen schijnen een licht op wie we zijn, waar we vandaan komen, naartoe gaan en welke normen en waarden ons daarin begeleiden. Als je dit zou vervatten in een altaartje, welke spullen zou je daar dan inzetten?


Want als je erover nadenkt: iedereen heeft wel spullen die een bijzondere plek verdienen in ons leven en in ons huis. En hoewel je normaal gesproken je overgrootoma's vaas niet snel direct bij je Hello Kitty verzameling zou plaatsen, is dat nou juist de spanning die we tijdens deze sessie met je op gaan zoeken. Deze sessie gaat je helpen om stil te staan bij de mensen en de herinneringen die ervoor hebben gezorgd dat je staat waar je staat en om daarmee een ereplek in te richten.


Tijdens deze Therapy Session gingen we achter onze oorspong aan, onze achtergrond en onze wortels. In samenwerking met State of Fashion en gastredacteur Fresco Sam-Sin (ThingsThatTalk) ben ik uitgenodigd om deze workshop te hosten.


The Session


Participants are asked to follow their hearts and decide on a theme that they want to explore (thinking in terms of: heritage, upbringing, idols, colors that carry your personal memories, places you visit in your dreams etc. There is no right or wrong in this).


Then: time to collect the things that, for you, represent your theme. You are invited to share with us the stories behind your choice.


Last step is to take your time and start to create a place that can become your personal shrine of origins. For example: your wall, your closet, your dresser). Decorate it in any way that you want. You can use glitters, paint, buttons, fabric, photo’s. Anything works. The result does not have to be finished or pretty. We where satisfied when we have set you on your way to think about what a shrine could mean for you, and how it may connect you to your origins, whatever that may be.